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Our Mission

We are dedicated to giving underprivileged children access to education and also any activity contributing to their intellectual, physical or artistic development.


Education is absolutely critical to the development of society and its individuals.

Unfortunately, we are still far from reaching the objective of a high quality education for across the globe.

In 2011, inequalities showed that nearly 67 million children worldwide were still out of school after having reached school-age. Enrollment continues to grow globally but there are still millions of children for whom economic and social integration is extremely difficult in societies. This is critical where employment requires more skills.

Blooming is committed to this mission

  • Because we are convinced that ensuring the child’s development in the educational environment is the best way to give him/her every chance to succeed in society.
  • Because we believe that it is through education that we can fight against inequalities due to poverty.
  • Because we value the well being of children
    Because we are convinced that development at school is a fundamental and universal right for every child, whatever his/her origins

Our history

Blooming is an NGO founded in 2013 by Nadia Haton, its chairman.

After many travelling experiences in Asia and Africa, and a two years stay in India, Nadia Haton decided to create (with the help of several close friends), the Association Blooming – S’épanouir à l’école: 

« I felt the need to fight against inequalities due to poverty by giving support to the most vulnerable, while giving them access to education».

Blooming plans to be implemented all over the world; its first projects are launched in India.