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Thousands of children dream of it ….A gesture on your part can help make a difference ! With only € 25 per month, a student can be properly equipped and go to school for a year.

Your donation of € 25 per month will cover tuition fees, uniform, school bag, books and school supplies for one student for one year.

With a donation of additional € 8 per month, a student will be vaccinated and receive a healthy and nutritious breakfast every day. 

With your donation, a child will be able to attend school!


Blooming's actions are solely based on the commitment of its volunteers.

Both in management and in implementation of projects, Blooming lives and grows thanks to the support of its volunteers. They all are motivated and convinced of the need to provide access to school for all students regardless of their social status.

In Paris or in your own city/country, you can help raise funds. Every idea is a good one: either climb a mountain, cook and sell Indian sweets, exhibit your artwork or craft, organize a screening of a Bollywood film in a free location... Feel free to contact us for ideas and help in setting up an event.

In Bangalore, India, you can contribute to one of our projects on the ground:

▪ providing tutoring in mathematics, languages,

▪ teaching children dance, singing, drawing,

▪ advising students about career opportunities  

▪ organizing sports activities, games, discovery outings,

▪ Advising parents

▪ simply spending time with the kids




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A single click from you will help us draw the attention of many to our actions …

 ... and progressively facilitate our projects on the ground

You can follow us and pass it along to social networks. You will be notified of our upcoming events and above all, be able to share with your friends and relatives your commitment to the cause. 

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